Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Now, Here's How You REALLY Do It!

I just found a tutorial on how to make homemade yogurt, and WHOA am I off on what I did yesterday! 

Remember how I mentioned before the great menu & meal planner for the GAPS diet I found on www.healthhomehappy.com?  Well I still like it over all, but I found another flaw.  Her instructions for making yogurt are pretty vague.  It says:

Heat milk gently on medium heat, stirring approximately every 10 minutes, until milk is close to a boil
[I was very consistent at stirring it, but when it was getting hotter & hotter the boiling point took me by surprise.  Too hot!
Cover, remove from burner, and allow to cool until the yogurt is comfortable to the touch, 90-110* F. [Check.  Finished this step at about 10:30pm.  At 12:30 am my milk was still too hot, so I went to bed, and did the next step in the morning. Nope, milk wasn't hot any more.] 
Pour nearly warm milk into jars.  Using one tablespoon of commercial yogurt per quart mix yogurt into the jars of warm milk.  Cover, and shake to distribute culture.  Keep it warm in a yogurt maker, food dehydrator, or cooler [Cooler?!  This is what I did, and it didn't keep it warm at all!  When I checked the bottles in the cooler later this afternoon, they were normal room temperature- not warm at all.]

So I googled "how to make your own yogurt", and I found an awesome TUTORIAL right away.  Things I'll do differently next time I try to make my own yogurt:

* Use a thermometer from the start so it doesn't begin to boil.
* Start earlier than 10:00pm. 
* When you're done use a heating pad to set the yogurt on  the counter top instead of in a cooler.

Have any of you made your own yogurt?  I'd love to hear your tips & advice.

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