Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lesson Learned: Don't Start Making Yogurt at 10 PM

I love my new menu & planning guide for the GAPS diet that I purchased on www.healthhomehappy.com.  I love that it helps me plan ahead & prepare things the night before.

One thing that I was supposed to start tonight is yogurt.  I've never made homemade yogurt, but decided that it is time.  I started heating up the milk at about 9:30pm.  It finally came to a boil (which in the instructions it says nearly a boil, so I hope I'm not out of luck already!), so I turned off the heat & put a lid on it.  I'm supposed to wait for it to get in between 90-110 F before I add some yogurt to the milk to start a new batch yogurt.  It's now 12:30 AM, and it is still about 120 F!!  Seriously?  I had no idea it would take so long to cool off.  Now YOU know & can avoid my mistake.

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