Wednesday, October 5, 2011

THE BIG 2-0!

It's hard to believe. It hasn't quite sunk in-  I've now lost 20 pounds since I started this journey the beginning of August!

Woo Hoo!  Oh Yeah!  (Doing the Happy Dance!)

It feels great.  I'm get lots of comments all the time now.  It is a bit surreal, though, considering how much of my life has been spent stressing about weight, and here I do it in 2 months?  What in the world took me so long?!!!  You know what it took?  It was my blasted appendix.  Having my appendix out back in July was a blessing in disguise.  That whole experience was enough to knock me to my senses & give me the desire to do all I can to keep my body healthy, which IS NOT BY IGNORING GOOD NUTRITION!

I've always loved to exercise regularly, but was so-so with my diet.  I thought I was doing healthy things by drinking skim milk, grinding my own whole wheat flour for homemade bread, buying low-fat mayonnaise, and using butter instead of margarine.  I thought that my only problem was "snacking".  HA.  I can hardly believe how wrong I was- AND I WAS A HEALTH TEACHER/PROFESSIONAL!!!!  How embarrassing.  And I'm just scratching the surface!  Oh well.  No looking back now.  I'm going to take this new knowledge I have & take off running.  Love it!

Some people say to me "Well, I'd rather be fat and happy than do what you're doing" (meaning my diet).  That blows me away.  Sure, it's been hard at times (just go back and look at some of my previous blog entries, especially at first!)  But now it's starting to feel great!  One thing that I love the most is how good things taste.  Simple things like my creamed buckwheat cereal.  That is totally a dessert to me now!  And I LOVE it!  I'm not deprived!  The other day when I did the luncheon at my house I served apples and dip for dessert.  IT WAS AMAZING!  I'm not deprived!  Those larabars I made my family a few days ago... AWESOME!  No- not deprived!  But 20 lbs lighter, full of energy, and mentally clear.  Yep, this is the way to go!

I need to get some pictures for before/after.  I'm usually the one that hides behind the camera & taking pictures of everyone else, avoiding my own being taken.  It might take me awhile to get over that.  Maybe I'll post some when I reach my ultimate goal, in 10 more pounds.


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  1. So I am curious...were you able to eat the lara bars even though they had cocoa in them? Or did you make some without?