Saturday, October 29, 2011

Intro to GAPS diet- Day 5

This afternoon I had a bit of a GAPS Intro melt down.  I got REALLY anxious, which is something I haven't felt since the first few weeks that I cut out sugar, back in early August.  I was serving Bekah an almond power bar that I made yesterday for the family, and I suddenly lost it.  I HAD to have it, and decided that it was okay since everything in the bar was still in the regular GAPS diet.  I didn't stop myself.  I wasn't sure if I'd have a reaction or anything, but it really calmed me down. 

Now to figure out why I was feeling like that.  I think it is because I ran 6 miles this morning, and then for breakfast I had onion soup, and for lunch I had carrot/cauliflower/onion soup.  Maybe not enough calories & my body suddenly freaked out?

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, the author of GAPS, wrote an excellent article titled One Man's Meat is Another Man's Poison, and I strongly recommend that you read it!  Here are a few excerpts that make me think of what happened to me today:

Depending on what your body is doing at the time, depending on the season of the year, on the weather and the level of stress you are under, your body can switch between different ways of energy production: using glucose for example or using fats. Only your body knows what is appropriate at any particular moment of your existence, and it requires very different nutrients for different patterns of energy production.

No matter how clever we think we are, we cannot calculate how much salt or water we should consume at any given time: only your body knows that, and it has excellent ways of telling you what it needs – thirst for water, desire for salt or any particular food, which may have the right mineral composition. Make no mistake, your body knows the nutrient composition of foods on this planet.
These are just a few factors to demonstrate to you that no laboratory, no clever doctor or scientist and no clever book can calculate for you what you should be eating at 8am, or 1pm, or 6pm or in between. Only your body has the unsurpassed intelligence to figure out what it needs at any given moment of your life, as your nutritional needs change all the time: every minute, every hour and every day.
So rather than feeling guilty for eating outside of my GAPS Intro diet, I'm going to trust my body, and know that what I did was okay.  I love that I'm getting in tune enough with what I'm eating that I can know that what my body is craving is okay, not just an addiction to sugar or wheat and craving a bunch of garbage.  (BTW- The only reaction I had after eating the almond bar was the backs of my knees itching a bit, but it wasn't bad).
Tomorrow I enter STAGE 2!  I get to add fresh herbs, fermented vegetables (I've only been doing sauerkraut juice up to this point), fermented fish (? I'm not even sure what this is?), and egg yolks.

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