Monday, October 24, 2011

Enough Planning Already. Tomorrow I Start the Intro to GAPS Diet.

I've gone to Costco.  I've gone to the grocery store.  I've cooked four chickens.  I'm just about ready to take the plunge & start Intro to GAPS. 

I was going to start today, but I simply wasn't ready.  I didn't want to do all the finish-up prep work on Sunday, so today's my gett'er done day. 

Things I still need to do: 

Make my chicken broth.  I'm boiling the chicken carcasses (read POST here) for 8 hours, straining the liquid, and then I should have lots of great broth, which you should have with every meal for the next 30-days.  I have no idea how much broth I'll end up with, but hopefully it's enough for a few weeks.  I'll freeze some of it so that it will last.

Buy at least 2 lbs of fish, including scales & bones.  We'll see what my local grocery has. 

Buy at least 2 lbs of meat bones.  I have NO idea if they have what I need.  I might have to purchase my meats online in the future.  My plan B until that happens?  Beef broth from the store if I can find some with out MSG, and one that has lower salt.

Make onion broth.

Buy a large strainer.  I'll probably use my colander until I can buy one.

I should be ready by tomorrow.   I went and bought some liquid magnesium, by the way.  We'll see if I notice any difference by tomorrow.


A great blog, The Healthy Home Economist, is having "Monday Mania" where people from various blogs list a link for interesting blog posts.  I've found some neat things there, and put a link of my own this week (#58).  Check it out!

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