Monday, August 15, 2011

Passed the First Big Test

Last night we ate dinner at a friend's house.  We had to fight the rain as it came & went, but had a great time outside in their yard, cooking our dinner over a fire.  Most everyone had hotdogs or bratwurst (sp?).  I made tinfoil dinners for our family, which didn't get turned soon enough & got burnt.  But mine was edible enough to eat most of it.  Here's what I put in my dinner:  grass-fed beef hamburger patty, onions, cooked brown rice, and unsalted butter.  It was actually pretty good, minus the burnt spots.   I also brought a green salad (romaine lettuce, red pepper, cucumber, tomato)  for potluck, and brought half an avacado, and lemon for dressing.  It was a yummy, fullfilling dinner.  I think I was the only one who had salad, but at least it was something I could eat.

The big test I passed was avoiding all of the sweets.  Grace had made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to bring, and they had roasted marshmallows & roasted Starbursts.  Of course I had to help my girls with the roasting.  But I did it.  Not so fun, but it was okay.

Interesting note:  Yesterday I ate a small piece of bread when I took the sacrament at church.  I wasn't sure it would be a big deal, but my mouth did feel a bit funny after I ate it.    Like buzzy or itchy.  Strange.  I'm not sure if it was just in my head, or for real.  I'll try it again next week, and if I can tell there is a reaction I'll need to provide gluten free bread or a rice cake for my sacrament tray.

Also:  Weight loss update

I have lost 6 pounds this first week that I've been on this diet.  That is too fast, but hopefully it will be okay.  I'm trying to stay satisfied & not get hungry.  And my running burns up the calories, too.  That is one reason I'm trying to add more calories with butter & raw milk.  It will help when I'm able to add some fruit to my diet, too.  (I can't remember if it's after 2-weeks or 4...)

If I lose another 6 pounds this week I'll be down to where I was last summer when I lost a bunch of weight.  I know quick weight loss generally leads to quick weight gain, so I've got to make my healthier diet a way of life.  I'm hoping after 3 months I'll see great results, and I'll feel so good that I'll be motivated to make this a new way of life... not just a temporary change.

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  1. Sis, Chris lost 15 lbs within 2 weeks at OCS. With this new diet, I don't think you lost weights too quickly. I agree that keeping the weight where it's healthy and you want is another thing. But, keep up with this diet and the maintaining weight is not a problem down the line at all.
    For sacrament, you can always talk to Bishop about bringing your own piece of gluten free/wheat free bread/ cracker or something similar and have them bless it with the rest of the bread. I'm sure that Bishop will be OK with it since it's for your health/diet. But, in the other hand, a small piece of bread wouldn't hurt you.