Sunday, August 7, 2011

OK- I'm new to blogging, so this is just the bare bones.

Hey!  Thanks for joining me on my 3-month sugar-free challenge!  I tried doing this a year & a half ago, and it lasted about a week.  But this time I'm GOING to do it.

I'm determined to make it work this time, but the more of you I have with me on this journey, the better!  I need to be held accountable, and I want to know I'm not alone with it being hard.

So to be blunt, the main reason I finally decided to do this is because my doctor told me I need to.  I had some bloodwork done, and last week I got the results back.  I thought I have might thyroid issues, but it turns out I've a major overgrowth of CANDIDA (yeast) in my body.  They rate the amount in your blood from 0- >100, giving it a classification of I (3-10), II (10.1-25), III (25.1-50), IV (50.1-100), or V (>100).  My reading is >100! 

My doctor prescribed a couple of medicines, but then I've also got to cut out all sugar & starve it to death.  I know it will be hard... when I tried last time I felt like CRAP, and it was messing up my running.  But I've decided that now's the time, and that in the end I'll feel better.   (I have to admit... I'm kind of excited about the weight loss possibilities, too.  I'm going to keep track of that on here, too.)

My bloodwork also shows that I'm allergic to milk & gluten, so I'm also cutting those out for 4 weeks, then gradually adding them back in (raw milk, baby!).  That will make this process tougher, but I have some good recipes lined up.  Maybe I'll post my weekly menu tomorrow.  And I'd love all the advice & knowledge you guys have, too.

Here's to good health!!!!

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