Tuesday, August 23, 2011

And Today I'm Eating....... My WORDS!!!

Ha ha.  I'm just up & down, aren't I?  I found the GREATEST book last night!  It's called "Detox for Women- An All New Approach for a Sleek Body and Radiant Health in 4 Weeks", by Natalia Rose.  It is exactly what I've been searching for.  So instead of getting more restrictive, which I talked about yesterday, I'm branching off in a bit of a different direction.

As you know from my past posts, I haven't been happy the last few weeks with this diet change.  I know it is necessary, but haven't seen any benefits, and I just feel deprived.  Natalia's book talks about Candida, and goes into depth on why it has become such a problem in our society.  She talks about struggles people have going on a typical "Candida starving diet", and why people fail (like I felt like I was going to do nearly every day!).  She talks about a lifestyle change with diet that shows great results, and helps you feel better than ever.

There is a recipe section in the book with great recipes, mostly simple with ingredients that are doable.  She even allows herself cheese-  goatsmilk cheese.  Now if I can just find that around here.  She also allows herself a small square of extra dark chocolate (over 70% cocoa) each night, and sometimes goat's milk ice cream.  The fact that I can still have a few treats makes a huge difference to me, mentally.  I went to Real Foods today & bought some extra dark chocolate, and I couldn't find goats milk ice cream, but I found a coconut milk ice cream that will do until I find the other.  I ate a little tonight, but didn't feel like I needed big gobs of it.  I just ate about 5 spoonfuls, and then I was good.  Enough to take a way the craving!

One way this book is different from other things I've read is that she emphasizes what foods are eaten together.   There are acidic, alkeline, and neutral foods.  Acidic:  foods with high amounts of protein.  Alkeline- starchy foods.  Neutral-  vegetables.  I'm still trying to grasp this completely, but in summary, you're not supposed to eat acidic & alkeline foods at the same time, but you can combine them with any neutral food you want.

She also has you initially avoid foods that are hard to digest:  nuts, grains, most dairy, red meat, and fruits.  Once a high degree of detoxification has been reached you can reintroduce them.

She lays out a plan of what to eat every day.  Something that she is very big on is juicing.  I have never done that, but I'm going to buy a juicer now.  I'm going to do that for my breakfast every day.  I'm excited, because it's something that I can do for the kids that they'll probably like, too.  Especially Grace, who normally doesn't like to eat breakfast.  The author addresses the concern that you won't have enough energy if you only drink juice in the morning.  She says on the contrary, it helps you have greater energy. 

Last week I watch the documentary "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" on Netflix. 

It show's a man's journey of going on a 8-week juicing fast.  In the end he lost lots of weight, and was able to go off of most of his meds that he had been taking for years.  That peaked my interest in the juicing when I read about it in this book, too.  Now I just need to get an extra refrigerator for my garage that I can put all this produce in I'm supposed to buy.  I'm also curious on how much my grocery bill will go up each month.  That's okay.  It's a great investment.

Doing everything it takes to start her program will take a little while to get ready for.  My plan is start it in full force on September 1, but in the mean time maintain what I've been to this far.  (Although I am going to indulge in a small bit of chocolate at the end of each day!)

Oh!  And another cool thing!  She addresses marathoners.  First of all, she doesn't recommend it.  She says it is too taxing on the body.  But she tells you how to eat natural things for refueling rather than "Gu" or "Shot blocks"!  Very cool.  At this point I'm still going to run, but I think I'll tame it back to 4,4,4, and 6.  I've got to let my body heal.

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