Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Knew it Would Come Sometime....

I was a bit concerned that I didn't seem to be having any detox side-effects from the killing off of yeast.  "Is this really working?" 

Well, it's here.    I. Am. Tired.    Drop dead down in bed tired.  Thankfully during the day it isn't so bad, but I was ready to plop in bed at 9:30, and last night I slept a full 8 hrs, when I normally NEVER sleep more than 7.  I first noticed it in my running.  I've dropped down 30-60 seconds slower per mile than I was before.  I'm okay with that, and know that my body is going through a lot of changes.  If I can just keep up a running base I'll be happy.  Right now I'm doing  Mon- 4, Wed- 6, Fri- 4, and Sat- 8.  We'll see how tomorrow goes.

Kristen (my sister-in-law), let me know about coconut oil/yeast today.  The oil is an amazing yeast buster.  (Kristin- thanks for the heads up!!!!)  I had no idea it was such a yeast killer.  My doctor mentioned it, but I just thought it went along with all the other healthy things he mentioned that kind of got lumped together (& some specifics forgotten).  Today I started taking oil, and actually like it quite a lot!  It tastes very good.  I tried eating some almonds while I drank some, and it was yummy- almost like a dessert.  There can be some strong die-off side effects with it, though, so we'll see.

Well, better get to bed!  Thankfully no piano lessons in the morning.

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