Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mouth. Hurts. Ouch.

It's been a good day.  Thankfully I'm not getting too bored with the same things in this menu planning phase.  And I'm not starving, like I thought I would be!

But my mouth hurts.  I went to the farmer's market tonight & bought some cherry tomatoes (yellow & orange... not sure on the variety) and basil.  I couldn't eat anything else from the vendors, and I felt a little longing, but not too bad.  I even had a guy place kettle corn in my hand, and I didn't eat it!  Score! 

I ate a bunch of my tomatoes, and then when I got home at a big salad for dinner.  I also bought some raw milk cheese from Kohler Artisan Cheese in Midway yesterday, and I had a small slice of that.  It tasted good at the time, but soon after my mouth started burning, and now I have little cankers all over, and my tounge feels swollen.  I was taking a risk with the cheese, and I guess I have my answer with that :(.

I can't wait to figure out what to put my basil in, though.  Love that stuff.

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