Thursday, September 1, 2011

Juicers? Juicers, anyone?

Yesterday I tried my first Green Lemonade.  Ummmm, interesting.  (See post  HERE:)  My stomach didn't know what to think, and felt kind of queasy for a half hour, but I just tried to think happy thoughts & it passed.  It did keep me full for the morning, which Natalia said it would. 

My new juicer isn't the greatest (only turned off once because it jammed, or overheated or something), but I'm grateful that it worked.  I let it sit for a minute, unplugged it, cleaned it, and then it was able to work again.  You know, for $3, how do you beat that?

It turns out that the juicer I ordered was cancelled.  I ordered from some canning website.  Poor customer service on their part for not sending an email explaining why they were issuing the credit.  When I was ordering the juicer I knew there was a chance they wouldn't have it.  Believe it or not, but juicers are in big demand right now.  You know that documentary I mentioned a while back about the guy who went on a juicing diet for 2 months?  (HERE)  Well, I guess it's created a surge in juicer sales, and the good, less expensive ones are out of stock & back ordered EVERYWHERE(!) until the end of October.  Crazy.  So in the meantime I'll be content with my $3 garage sale Jack LaLane juicer.  (There's always Christmas, right?)

Today the kids want to try my juice.  I'm very curious what they'll think.  :)

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  1. Since you feed them green smoothies every morning at breakfast...yeah, the responses are bound to be interesting!