Thursday, September 29, 2011

Only two meals a day?

I'm rereading my candida books, because there is so much information to soak in.  It helps to have some experience to draw from, too, now that I've been doing this for almost two months.  Now things make more sense, and things that I scanned over before now stand out to me.

I'm still trying to wrap my brain around this, though:  According to Natalia Rose in Detox for Women, we only need two meals a day.  WHAT?!  That is so opposite what I have ever been taught.  Even more jaw dropping:  she says the meal we should eliminate is breakfast.  We hear all the time in our society how breakfast is the most important meal.  And here's the kicker:  What Natalia says makes sense to me.  On the days that I have vegetable juice for breakfast I'm not hungry up until lunch. 

Her reasoning for only two meals:  She says we're taking in too much matter for our intestine to break down, overwhelming the bowel, which doesn't have the strength to work as it was designed to.  Her reasoning for getting rid of breakfast (rather than lunch or dinner):  The body has worked hard during the night to process the food eaten the day before.  The body's cycles are focused on eliminating what the body has processed in the night.  When you eat more food, all that energy goes to the stomach and digestion slows down. 

Guess what you can take in that doesn't take any digestive effort?  You got it.  Lovely fresh vegetable juice.  It's a good thing I read this.  I need a little pep talk on the importance of juicing, considering some of the juice combinations I've had lately scared me off a little.  And yes, I do love my buckwheat cereal, but I think I'll tie it in later in the day as a dessert (my version of tapioca pudding).  She says that if I just give juicing a chance I'll "be amazed by how refreshingly delicious the juice is and how desirable juicing for breakfast can be- for your body and palate".

Hmm.  We'll see.  I'm going to commit to juicing for two weeks, and see if being consistent makes me feel any different about it.  I'm certain that the juicing I've done over the last weeks has played a big part in my weight loss.

Do any of you juice?  What are your favorite juicing recipes?


  1. Try the ginger in the juice! I have a feeling that it was the garlic that made the one juice so nasty for you. I use ginger every day in my juice and I hardly even notice it, and I tend to be pretty sensitive to strong flavors. There's no way I could handle garlic, though! I love that you are learning so much and sharing it. I tested positive for candida, (among other things,) so I will be using some of the great info you have found!

  2. Okay- I just bought some more ginger & will try it tomorrow. So Kristen, are you on a strict diet now, too? Can't wait to talk to you at Mel's baby blessing.