Saturday, September 10, 2011

Blueberries... and they seemed so innocent!

The last few days I have been craving sweet.  REALLY craving sweet.  I'm not sure what's up with that.  The only thing that I can think of is blueberries.  In the books I've read they say that after about 4 weeks you can start to reintroduce low sugar fruits, so I started with one of my favorites, blueberries. 

Oh, they were amazing!  Loved every bite!  But then I started craving sweet.  Like a whole lot.  I didn't break down and eat anything really bad, although I did eat more coconut milk icecream & ultra dark chocolate than I should.  I'm going to finish off the blueberries I have (can't let them go to waste, now can I?)  but then I think I'll cut them out.  I bought some raw milk to add, too.  I'm hoping the protein & fat in it will help fill me up & satisfy me.

The great thing is I'm still not hungry most of the time between meals.  Just when I go nuts craving sweets!  (or salty!).

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