Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Own Personal Chef

That would be the life, eh?  Today I had a glimpse of it, and it is awesome!  I had a personal chef for 5 hours today.  Not only that, she specializes in gluten-free eating, and is a whiz at changing recipes to meet your needs. Now how can I afford such a luxury?  Trading!  She cooks; I teach Suzuki piano lesson (which she wanted to put her son in).

We cooked two big roasts in the crock pot, and shredded them up for tacos & burritos.  We made Oops bread, gluten free crescent rolls, meatloaf (a kind for me, a kind for the fam), mini-cauliflower/cheese/egg pizza crusts, and sugar-free peanut butter cookies (for the fam).

I know she got some of these recipes from various blogs, so I'll wait to post them until I know where credit is due.  My favorite right now is the pizza crust.  Yum!  Oh, and next time I'll try & remember to take some pictures to post. 

Feels great to have a few more healthy options that I can eat! (Yes!  Variety!)

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