Monday, September 19, 2011

It's Official- I'm Allergic to Coconut Oil.

Official by me, anyway.  When I first started this diet I was eating quite a bit of coconut oil.  I had been told that it has properties that can help cleanse & get rid of candida.  At the time my throat felt a little funny when I would eat it, but it wasn't terrible.  I quit eating it for a while because I read somewhere that butter was better.  I just started cooking with that instead.

I got a new shipment of coconut oil, because I had been using it to cook for my family.  I tried it again, and almost immediately my throat started itching, to the point of a little coughing.  It's still a bit itchy, and my skin is itchy, too.  Sheesh.  I hope this is temporary, because it's supposed to be so good for you! 

Oh, and big bummer about the Coconut Bliss ice cream that I sometimes would have a few bites of as my little luxury.  I noticed the itching when I would eat it too, but I didn't have very much so I thought it was okay.  I'm going to have to stock up on Goat's Milk Ice cream to take it's place.

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  1. Maybe that's why you've always hated shredded coconut... ;)