Sunday, December 11, 2011

Oh, the Temptation!

Christmas season has hit full force.  I love it so much- I'm really in the Christmas spirit this year.  But I wasn't anticipating the TEMPTATION.  I've been so good to stay away from crappy food, but I feel it wearing away at me.  The goodies are tempting me more & more (like the ice cream I mentioned last post). 

The neighbor gifts has started coming...  corn puffs (the chip-like puffs that I USED to use to make into carmel puffs to take around for our neighbor gifts), homemade fudge with marshmallows and nuts.  I have to admit- I tasted the fudge.  And WHEW- sugar rush.  So sweet I could hardly eat it, thank goodness :). 

But I've got to prepare mentally for the weeks ahead & make a plan.  I think I'll get some more extra dark chocolate that I ate back in August & allow myself some instead of whatever goodie I'm trying to avoid.

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  1. You could also mix up some cocoa powder with coconut oil and nutbutter and stevia or a little honey for a yummy treat! I've found that since I've cut down on my carbs and increased fat and protein I've had a lot fewer cravings, too.