Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hummus? I wish.

When I went to Costco last week I gave in and bought some Hummus.  There was a lady giving out samples on those yummy gluten free multi-grain chips, so I tried it.  I purposefully didn't look at the ingredients list on the Hummus because I didn't want to know.  I knew it was pretty healthy for you. 

Well, no one around here likes it but me, and now I know my body doesn't like it.  I feel crappy every time I eat it.  Here are the ingredients:  garbanzo beans, canola oil (a no-no), water, tahini (sesame butter), lemon juice concentrate, salt, garlic, spice, extra virgin olive oil, sodium benzoate (?!), and potassium sorbate (?! a preservative citric acid).   

I also tried to eat Bryer's ice cream.  (It says all natural).  But I didn't look down the full list- one of the ingredients listed is WHEY.  I didn't feel so great after eating that, either.  Okay, okay!  "Uncle"!

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