Saturday, December 3, 2011


Ohhhhhh..... I made a bummer of a mistake this morning. 

The day started off with my morning run- 7 miles, and beautiful!  Until the last mile and 1/2, that is.  I was running into a headwind and it was COLD.  Even though it was harder against the wind I ran faster, because I was anxious to get out of the cold!

When I got home, I got everything ready to make breakfast.  We were having sausage in scrambled eggs, and sour dough pancakes.  Before my run I poured my entire sour dough start into a bowl & fed it, wanting to make sure I had enough start for the pancakes.  When I got home it was nice & bubbly, and I got all the other ingredients ready to go.  My 6-year-old and 10-year-old daughters like to pretend that they run a restaurant, and they were helping in the kitchen.  I got another bowl out to mix some of the ingredients before adding the sour dough start.  I asked Janessa to crack an egg and put it in the bowl (I was on the other side of the kitchen getting maple syrup and vanilla out).  I walked over to where she was and there she was stirring the egg INTO THE BOWL WITH THE STARTER IN IT!  My entire start.  The one I've babied for weeks and weeks, tenderly feeding and babying.

At this point I'm not very proud of my reaction...  I shrieked and said "NOOOOOOOOOO!"  And looking back, this part is hilarious:  I flung myself back into the fridge (about 6-7 steps)saying  "NOOOOOOOOOO!  That's MY START!"   and put my hands over my face.  I think I freaked poor Janessa out.  She was just staring at me, then she walked out and started to cry.  Poor thing.  I went & got her and told her it wasn't her fault... I had said "the bowl", and why wouldn't she think it was the one with the stuff that looked like pancake batter?

Well, the pancakes turned out great (so everyone says... I still can't eat them).  And now I have the chance to make my own start.  Thank goodness for

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