Friday, November 18, 2011

Regrouping.... AGAIN.

This week I've been kind of down... overwhelmed... discouraged.. however you want to say it.  I think it stems from my disappointment of my Dr.'s visit last week.  I guess I was hoping to get some praise or validation from the doctor showing that what I was doing was making a difference.  I know that seems silly, because of course it's making a difference when you've lost 25 lbs & that's what a lot of people talk about when they see you (especially if they haven't seen you for awhile).  But I guess I wanted more excitement from my doctor.  I still like him, of course, but I'm a "pleaser" type, and I that would've really meant a lot if he would have mentioned it.

And then I was bummed about the sour dough not working out for me.  I'm still happy about having it for my family, but still.... disappointed.

I'm still eating very well, but I want to have something I'm working toward.  I still feel some candida symptoms, so I think I need to step back, look at the candida diet foods again, and make sure I'm cutting out what I need to.  I've been more lax in eating regular cheese, but I don't feel well when I have it.  I need to go back to raw.  I eat brown rice, quinoa, and buckwheat pretty regularly, but I think I need to scale back on those for the next few months until my next dr.'s visit.  I also need to cut out my natural sweets like honey & maple syrup.  I'm having them 3-4 times a week, when they should be out for candida.

I wish that I could find a meal plan that meets all my needs, and that would work for my family too.  I've looked at & tried a lot.  I think that I'll use the gnowgflins meal plan, but also tie in recipes from the grainless meal plan & gaps diet.  I just need to get it organized in a way that is easy to follow, including shopping lists & recipes.  Now to just find the time...

I hate being down.  I'm very blessed, and I know it.  I'm grateful for my family, my health, my church- everything.  I'll get this organized, and get used to these changes.  I need to remind myself not to stress it and bite off more than I can chew.  One step at a time.  Everything will be alright.

How do you get through discouraging times?


  1. Well, first off I think you have done an amazing job sticking to your new food choices.
    I tend to feel down a lot too, and I haven't done anywhere near the amount of effort as you have. Something that might help, which you are probably already doing is to find an essential oil that helps with depression and wear it as perfume. That helps me a little. The other thing that helps me is to think of five positive things a day. It helps me get out of my negative thinking rut and focus on positive things. It's harder to be negative when you are focusing on positive things. Anyway, that's what I do. :-)

  2. I am SO sorry that you have been having a down time lately and I hope things change up soon. You are right....ONE STEP AT A TIME!! Good luck finding the meal plan that works for you!