Monday, March 26, 2012

Exciting News

I AM SO HAPPY!  I'm starting to see the effects of healthy, whole foods eating on my kids.  They haven't completely bought into the whole thing and they'll still have treats here & there, but if we don't have crappy food here, they can't eat it, and it's making a difference.

The first thing is, my 15-yr old son has lost 15 pounds since November.  I'm thrilled.  He had a check-up with our pediatrition then, and he was very blunt in telling him he needed to stop gaining weight (he was over 200 pounds).  I have never made an issue about his weight and don't believe in "diets", but our lifestyle change with eating is working! Ha ha ha.  Diets?  Who needs diets?  Ya-hoo!  Can you tell I'm more than happy?

Tonight was another exciting discovery.  My kids' tastes are changing!  We had birthday cake & ice cream for my 2nd youngest's birthday, and most of them couldn't finish the cake.  THEY SAID IT WAS TOO SWEET!  That is seriously unheard of in this home!  That makes me so happy.  Eventually we'll phase into healthier sweets for b-days.  It feels cruel to not give them cake & ice cream... eventually they'll get used to my sweets, I'll find a great grain-free cake they'll like, & we'll transition to my way).

Last year five out of the seven of us were overweight... now I'm at a healthy weight (along w/my two youngest), my husband has lost 25 and counting, and my kids are on the right track.  I'm hopeful that our whole family can be at healthy weights over time.  I don't necessarily want my kids to lose weight... at the least I'd be happy if they can maintain their weight as they continue to grow, and then they'll grow into a healthy weight.

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