Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Miss My Oats.

I've gone mostly wheatless when I cook for my family, so it takes more creativity in deciding what to cook for them.  Breakfast is usually rotated between oatmeal, scrambled eggs, yogurt and fruit, and coconut flour crepes.

Today was oatmeal day.  I haven't been eating oatmeal because although it doesn't have gluten, it is commonly cross-contaminated with gluten as it is processed with the same equipment as wheat.  I decided to give it a try, because it looked so good.  I was hoping that people didn't know what they were talking about & it would only affect those with celiac's, not just the gluten intolerant like me.  Result:  stomach pain.  Shoot- they were right.  I'm glad that I'm in tune enough with my body that I can tell that it's reacting to it.

As a kid I HATED oatmeal.  I liked oatmeal cookies and granola bars, but not the cereal.   It wasn't until I was in my 20's that I figured out that I actually like oatmeal, I just can't stand the mushy "instant" quick cooking oats that my mom used to serve.  Once I figured it out, I bought "old fashioned" oats, and have enjoyed eating oatmeal.  Today I've decided that enough is enough.  I'm going to give in and buy gluten-free oats.

I'm being stricter with my budget this month and trying to bring it down from the crazy amounts it got to (I'm too embarrassed to say right now... once it's under control I'll let you know how I did it :), so I searched around for the best deal.   I didn't want to spend hours at it, so in my 30 minutes of research I've decided that AMAZON is the best deal. 

First I looked to glutenfreeoats.com, giftsofnature.com, glutenfree.com, and glutenfreemall.com.  They were all pretty similarly priced ($9-$16 for around two pounds), but then you have to add on the shipping: anywhere from $7-$16!

On Amazon, I can get the same products, but avoid shipping costs through Amazon Prime or do the subscribe & save, in which I'll save 15% on the order, plus free shipping. 

I ended up buying four bags of Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Oats with ship and save for $4.64 per 2 lb. bag. I will need to double check my local health food stores & see if they can compete in price.  I'll shop locally if they're within a dollar.  I still need to go to Azure Standard and see what their price is on gluten-free oats.  The only problem with that is they deliver monthly, I would have to go pick up the order in Utah County, and they charge a delivery fee that would make it less of a good deal.  I want my oats now, but will do some more research on it for next time.

Do you like oatmeal?
I love it now- I hated it as a kid.

Do you like to shop online? 
I LOVE it!  I live in a smaller city that doesn't have a lot of good shopping options.  I love having things dropped off at my doorstep.  Very convenient!

What is your favorite thing to buy online?
Anything and everything.

*What about you?  I'd love to get your comments.


  1. LOVE oatmeal! But can you tolerate corn? I have not read your back posts to see . . .

    If you can, my family enjoys an occasional breakfast of corn tortillas, eggs and refried beans. A nice change from "regular" breakfast.

  2. What a great idea! My family would love that for a change. I don't have stomach pain with corn, but I'm going to need to cut it out again... my candida symptoms are worse right now. But I could have an almond flour tortilla while they have their corn tortillas!